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find him so, u.s. kept surveillance of him as with bin laden in may and they were flying the drones and they could be operated from the united states and they could watch what was happening in the hide out from here. >>clayton: and al-aliwalki is from new mexico and many of the drone missions are flown out of new mexico. bases there. think of that, being killed from your home state in the united states, in yemen, by a drone operated by our military. >>dave: the predator drone at 3:00 a.m. east coast time, 9:55 local time, you can see a good picture of what happened. he left the him, went out to his car and tried to escape when he realized he was being targeted and could not escape the second missile. >>clayton: there is criticism now and even when he was targeted before and whether the united states has the authority because he is a u.s. citizen to attack and kill a u.s. citizen. and, texas republican ron paul, has come out and criticized the operation. enflamtory saying without a trial and due process the president doesn't have the authority to assassinate an american citizen. >>al
confronted the vice president coming up over the rape comment. >>alisyn: and the end of u.s. presence in iraq. this is controversial. because we foe president obama wanted to pull u.s. troops out of iraq and he campaigned out of that, there were negotiations even as recently as august, that suggested that the president and the iraqis made an agreement to leave some behind for security purposes so iran would not move in and fighting would not break out among the separate groups. >>clayton: it started under president bush who in 2008 laid the groundwork for the withdrawal in 2011 but the bush administration and the obama administration thought it would come to an agreement, the main sticking point? that is the immunity clause, that the u.s. troops could be there and having in to do with iraqi law whatever. they could walk the streets, hold guns, whatever needed and be immunized from iraqi law. the iraqis said, no, that will not fly. >>dave: our troops have that immunity elsewhere where they serve but they would not grant them that same immunity if they stayed behind. here is what bolton had to
getting up with us. you are about to see new video from afghanistan where a nato convoy has come under attack. afghanistan officials confirm that three civilians and one police officer is dead in the homicide bombing and we hear reports that the u.s. troop could be among the casualties. the taliban claiming responsibility, with more details as it comes in. a bizarre turn of events in the case of missing baby lisa irwin. her family is being wicked away to a secret location just moments after they called police on a woman named tina porter. who own kids went missing back in 2004. she said she just wanted to offer her support. >> i am tina parter and want to speak to jeremy and deborah. when this is over and said and done, and whatever happens with lisa, if they expect the community to wrap their arms around them, they got another thing coming. >>alisyn: another strange twist the irwin's kansas city city based tone has been taken off the case. no word on why. but we will hear what the judge says about the case, covering it from start to finish at 9:15. the south carolina gunman who prompt
coped him through the whole thing telling him how to land safely in the choppy water. and they used a helicopter to pull him from the sea and get him to dry land. the officials commend miller say that he followed their directions perfectly and he walked away from the ordeal unharmed! >> is that sullenberger? >> smaller version. >> the occupy wall street protesters spread across the country. they are expected in cities big and small including lower manhattan where they started and in philadelphia. protesters will march to the liberty bell. they are you having to camp out to protester what many call "corporate greed." >> people are mourning the death of steve jobs in california. the apple co-founder was laid to rest yesterday at a private funeral for close friends and family. despite the battle with pancreatic cancer it was revealed jobs left blueprints for four years of new apple products. in addition he fought to get plans approve for a face ship styled company headquartered in cupertino. jobs died on wednesday at 56 years old. >>clayton: the mother ship he got through city council
about all of that. we do want to start with your headlines. we do have breaking news. apparent u.s. air strike in yemen has killed seven suspected militants. one of the dead is reportedly the son of the manual you are looking at there anwar al-awlaki. killed in a drone strike last month. al qaeda's media chief in yemen was also reportedly killed in yesterday's air strike which occurred? the shawba province. others were killed in that blast. new this morning we are hearing a chilling 911 call made minutes after eight people gunned down at that hair salon in california. >> hey, we have got some shootings over here in seal beach. >> where? >> the salon pch and fifth street. we need an ambulance. >> who is shot? >> some people in the salon here. >> who was it? >> i don't know. some large male a white man. >> that large man turned out to be scott decry. locked in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife worked in the salon. charged with killing her and seven other people. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty in this case. update now in the missing baby lisa irwin. anonymous donor
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)